Endless Possibilities

Members will soon be able to buy, sell, exchange or circulate various RatheCoin with our paired assets making it as good as cash.

#GetMore: In July 10, 2021 we started our walk to have member earning from their degital assets. Our new robust system has created an ability for members to Stake and generate income. This is the platform for RahteCoin to Trade, provide Crypto Based Loans, Remit Funds and Provide Support for SMEs. To learn more, contact your Digital Asset Manager Today!

The Future of Money

We have setup RatheCoin to be used as regular money in the future. This means improving the speed of transactions while reducing the cost, giving access to money to more people with lesser restrictions and limitations, giving more freedom to transact.

Our goal is to work in an environment that fosters stronger business processes while eliminating fraud and illegal activities. RatheCoin will become a trusted unit of digital money that people can use all around the world. On the 10th July, 2021 RatheCoin Staking kicked off officially. This functionality allows members to have full control of their digital assests earnings. They will be able to trade, share, sell, buy and unlock the real value of their digital assets.

Our Journey has started, Join us as we make history together. For more information, contact your Asset Manager Today!

FACT CHECK #1: Listing will stimulate liquidity, giving members the opportunity to realize the value of their investments. It also allows members to transact in the shares of the company, sharing rewards while collectievly benefitting from any increase in the organizational value. Our vision is to hit a value of USD100.00 per share by 2023.
Fixed transparent transaction fee without any hidden fees or exchange rates. Does not matter whether sending 15 or 15 000 RatheCoins, the cost will always be around 0.001 RatheCoins.
People around the world have the freedom to make fast and cost-effective transactions with their RatheCoin wallets. No limits, no restrictions. You have control over your money.
Speed is a key factor in approving transactions. RatheCoin transactions are fully executed within 30 seconds on average. This makes our serrvice truly instant!
RatheCoin strictly follows KYC and AML laws to reduce illegal or criminal transactions of the financial world. Our Goal is to ensure that we have Secure, Safe and transparent transactions.


We were able to run a very successful ICO that concluded on the 2nd Feb. 2020. An audit of the RatheCoins available was revealed. Only 1 Billion RatheCoins are now available and the rest have been burned.

RatheCoin aims to automate the management of digital assets through the use of smart contracts, with an eventual aim of building a distributed network-based smart economy system.

RatheCoins's decentralised digital currency platform will allow for the quick integration of other cryptocurrencies into its own blockchain. Initially offered at a price of USD 0.04, at its highest levels, it climbed to nearly USD 11.00 providing a return on investment of over 35,000% to investors.

FACT CHECK #2: Once RatheCoin is listed on a public exchange, we expect the value of the coin to reach USD 1.00 within 12 months because of the utility it will provide. Our deployment of RatheCoin onto the exchange will be well managed to safeguard its value.

RatheCoin Audit

Initial Coin Offering

During the ICO stage of the offering which ran for 20 months, the Uptake of RatheCoin was 148,546,000 Coins which was very well subscribed.

Members Reward

Many members directly marketed RatheCoin to their networks which created a true community token. 20,000,000 Coins were deployed to reward this effort

Return on Investment

Members recieved their earnings in cash and RatheCoin. The ROI Payment made in RatheCoins totaled 76,000,000 Coins strengthening its value further

Market Positioning

We have reserved 200,000,000 Coins for our future market rollout. Our goal is to ensure that RatheCoin is available in all 54 African States

Future Initiatives

Part of our mission is to provide our community with assistance with reagrds to marketing, managament and financing reserving 105,454,000 Coins

CEO Holding

The Founder & CEO has been paid in RatheCoin totalling 100,000,000 Coins this shows the confidence in the systems future goes beyond words


To create a value proposition 250,000,000 Coins have been earmarked. Our business model rest on the notion of an invested community

Angel+ Investors

As RatheCoin is rolled out into the new markets early uptakers or Angel+ Investors will be able to invest in the 100,000,000 Coins on offer at discounted rates

IMPORTANT: Listing on the public exchange safeguards investors interests. It will provide clear and timely information regarding dividends, bonus shares, new issues of capital, plans for mergers, acquisitions, expansion or diversification of business. This will enable investors to take informed decisions on the trading of the shares.

brighter futures

Let’s build great things together

RatheCoin seeks to solve the problem of inefficency and wastefulness that is involved in the movement and sale of essential commodies. With a commodity exchange that is well organized, a regulated market that facilitates the purchase and sale of standardized contracts whose values are paired with this digital asset the true worth of essential commodities trading can be realised at every level of the value chain.


Membership Drive


Investment Potential



Together we will Create Africa's first Digital Bank!
FACT CHECK #3: The RahteCoin project aims to infuse blockchain technology to make the whole post harvest marketing of essential commodities more streamlines and provide greater value to all stakeholders. Our value chain includes the Farmer, Logistic Support, Market Aggrigators and the Retailers (Mama Mbogas). Simplifying the process will lead to greater uptake and profits.

Dynamic Services

Africa is largely Aggreian but the biggest problem we have is people going back on the deal that is set in commodity trade. This makes it difficult for farming to be profitable. With this system, we will allow for cross border movement of commodities. The over supply of commodities in one area or country does not mean that the price will be depressed. We will simply send it to the are it is not being grown for a higher price. The farmer also has the comfort of knowing all his produce will be consumed at a pre-agreed price. RatheCoin is the digital Asset that will solve this problem and bring efficency and profit into the value chain.

Together we are Stronger !

Easy to use

You can top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, or credit/debit card. You can also settle your earnings or share sales directly into your Rathe Exchanger Card. We make it easy!

Clever Features

To ensure that even the rural population can harness the power of our platform, we embedded intuitive features that will improve user experience. We want members to have money intheir hands!
THE MISSION: Our ultimate goal is to have the first Digital Bank in Africa. We are going to give the 75% of Africa which is rural based and mostly women access to finance that will be able to lead this revolution. Contact Us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DISCLAIMER: The Shares (“RatheCoin Packages”) described on this website are powered by RatheCoin including provisions of the White Paper are subject to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (“Terms”). RatheCoins have not been, and will not be, registered as Securities. RATHECOIN is packaged as a utility that brings liquidity into the RatheCoin ecosystem and are being offered and to persons as a digital asset investment. No action has been taken in any jurisdiction to prevent a public offering of the RatheCoin. To be eligible to participate in the offering of the RatheCoin Packages, you will be required to represent details of your identity as prescribed in our KYC regulations. A purchase of RatheCoins involves a degree of risk, volatility and illiquidity. These risks have been mitigated in the value proposition of the RatheCoin offering. A prospective purchaser should review the information provided on the site and in the proposition to consider whether an investment in the RatheCoin Packages is suitable to the purchaser’s financial situation and goals. Purchasers should consider the RatheCoin purchase objectives, risks, charges and expenses before buying RatheCoin Packages. Sale of RatheCoin Packages will follow applicable laws and regulations in force in any jurisdiction in which it receives, for the purchase, offer or sale by it of the RatheCoins under the laws and regulations in force in any jurisdiction to which it is subject or in which it makes such purchases, offers or sales. All members holding the RatheCoin MUST pay a minimum of $50.00 as Access fees to activate their digital assets on the exchange. All shares will be listed on the blockchain but those that do not pay the access fees will not be able to trade with their assets as they will be dormant or inactive. To start earning returns all Access Fees must be paid. After this date the amount chargeable will be reviewed upwards at the managements prerogative to reflect the market activities.

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